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Nexstar’s commitment to localism and industry-leading innovation are key components of our operating and expansion strategies and have been fundamental to the Company’s long-term growth and success. Throughout Nexstar’s 20 year history, we’ve consistently delivered breakthrough innovation, content and services to local communities and an expanding range of effective marketing solutions to customers and partners.

We Believe Local Is Key

We believe markets outside the largest DMA’s in the U.S. offer significant advantages over the larger markets. There is typically a lower level of competition, and fewer well-capitalized acquirers with medium-market focus. This has resulted in our successful acquisition of stations on more favorable terms than acquirers focused on large market stations

“Nexstar’s television and digital media operations have over 4,600 employees across 62 markets who are committed to delivering superior local news, sports, entertainment programming and content to local viewers while offering businesses and advertisers unparalleled marketing opportunities across all screens and devices. Our industry-wide leadership in delivering exceptional service to the local communities in our markets continues to be a key component of our success and long-term growth.”

Perry Sook, Chairman, President and CEO