Lori Tavoularis

Chief Business Officer


Lori Tavoularis was named Chief Business Officer in January 2023. She oversees the functional teams focused on developing next-gen advertising capabilities, ensuring that Nexstar is a high-performing enterprise sales organization providing portfolio-based marketing experiences and events for both clients and audiences. Importantly, Ms. Tavoularis is responsible for building new functionality for Nexstar in the areas of measurement and insight, sales enablement, marketing solutions, and advertising products.

As Chief Revenue Officer/Executive Vice President, Revenue Operations for Nexstar Digital, Ms. Tavoularis was responsible for driving monetization across the organization and overseeing all revenue-related functions for the digital division, including national, local, and programmatic sales, digital marketing services and marketing. She has held multiple senior sales and revenue operations roles over the past 20 years, including  Senior Vice President, Digital Revenue and Operations, for Tribune Publishing, and Head of Supply for the Global Advertising Business at Rakuten, Inc.

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