Workforce Diversity and Inclusion


We strive to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion, so all of our employees feel respected and none of them feels discriminated against. In 2020, we launched our Diversity and Inclusion Council, a working committee dedicated to creating a path toward a more diverse and inclusive workplace, where diverse talent can flourish and build a career. The Council is comprised of ten members from throughout the Company, with membership changing periodically. In 2020, the Council, initiated our Employee Resource Groups and established a model mentorship program that rolled out Company-wide in 2021. We value diversity at all levels and continue to focus on extending our diversity and inclusion initiatives across our entire workforce. We believe a diverse workforce fosters innovation and cultivates an environment of unique perspectives. As of September 1, 2020, approximately 41% and 21% of our employees and our management, respectively, were women; and approximately 24% and 12% of our employees and our management, respectively, were racially/ethnically diverse. In order to ensure accountability in making progress in our diversity goals, a portion of our managers’ bonuses are tied to diversity metrics in their markets. In addition, we have implemented Employee Resource Groups in the categories of Latinx, Women, African American, Veterans and LGBTQ+. These groups are designed to bring together employees who share similar cultures, backgrounds, and/or interests, as well as those employees who wish to provide support to that group.

Our most recent census of 12,276 total employees, including 155 management employees as of September 1, 2020, reflect the following demographics. We also have included the national averages sourced from the United States Census Bureau population dated July 1, 2019 for comparison purposes.

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