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Nexstar purchased WJMN-TV Local 3, a CBS affiliate, from Liberty Media Corporation on June 30, 2011. Located in Marquette, MI (DMA Rank: 180) WJMN has had a place in the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula’s history since October 1969. Originally launched as an NBC affiliate station, WJMN quickly brought viewers a second programming choice throughout the Upper Michigan area. WJMN has been the first station in the market to broadcast digitally, broadcasting in high definition programming (both network and syndication) to being able to produce and air 16:9 high definition commercials. In 2012, WJMN launched an expansion plan that included the opening of a new sales office in the city of Marquette. In April 2014, WJMN began their first local newscast from their new studio located in WJMN Plaza. Along with CBS programming and local news, WJMN is the home of the Detroit Lions Preseason Football games and The Coach O Show (hosted by Northern Michigan University: Coach Ostrowsky).

Market Profile

Marquette, MI is in the 180th largest DMA in the United States, with a population of approximately 183,386 and 78,000 television households, as reported by Nielsen Media.

Cable penetration in the market is 52% throughout the region. ADS coverage is 39.2% of the market, with service from Dish TV, DirecTV and AT& T U-Verse. One of the largest employers in the region is Northern Michigan University, along with Marquette School System and Marquette General Hospital. The city is located on the south shore of Lake Superior, on the northern coast of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The rugged beauty of the winter months can see snowfall of an average of 178.6 inches, which is 697% more than the national average of 22.4 inches. The cost of living is 10% lower than the national average.

Source: Nielsen Media, TVB

Station Contact Information

3165 Wright Street Suite 101 Marquette, MI 49855 P: (906) 273-2533


Station Contacts

Mike Smith, Station Manager

Mark Nebel, Director of Sales

Cynthia Thompson, News Director

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