Corporate Social Responsibility

at Nexstar


From our founding, Nexstar’s mission has been to provide trustworthy, unbiased journalism while upholding the principles of localism and diversity. Our television stations have been, are and will remain local service businesses dedicated to enriching our communities through multiple platforms of news and entertainment, successful marketing solutions and most importantly through active engagement, sponsorship and community participation.

We have adopted practices in our ordinary course of business in support of our accountability in social, economic and environmental areas. Indeed, we strive for excellence in all endeavors while actively seeking to enhance our operations in ways that benefit society. The following is a summary of our practices in these areas.

Community Involvement

We embrace the communities in which we operate and pride ourselves on our community engagement which runs long and deep.

  • Every station is tasked with serving its local community through service on non-profit boards, sponsorship of community organizations, promotion of giving and in many other ways.
  • In 2016, Nexstar implemented its Founder’s Day of Caring, which occurs each year on the date of the company’s founding, where station staff members receive paid time off for volunteer work in their communities. The choice of which organizations to support are made at the local level, and cover a wide range of organizations. (For past Founder’s Day partners, please see In 2021, more than 4,000 employees will participate in Founder’s Day activities, contributing an estimated 15,000+ hours of community service, benefiting more than 260 organizations across our 116 markets.
  • Established in 1958, the Nexstar Charitable Foundation awards approximately $350,000 in grants each year to charitable and non-profit organizations serving the communities in which we operate. Information on specific grants can be found here –
  • Our stations partner with the Red Cross to solicit donations to assist victims affected by natural disasters in the communities we serve.  In 2020, Nexstar’s television stations raised more than $50,000 for the Red Cross to help individuals impacted by hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires.  Donations can be made via Nexstar’s Red Cross website:
  • Now moving into its third year, “Remarkable Women” celebrates local women who inspire, lead, and pave the way for other women to succeed. Based on nominations from the public with universally selected criteria, each of Nexstar’s 116 markets selected four local women for consideration. The pool of entries was then narrowed to one finalist per market. The winner, Fonda Bryant, from Charlotte, North Carolina, was announced during an hour-long special program aired nationally on NewsNation and in each of Nexstar’s markets (watch video here). Ms. Bryant, who has been very active in the fight against suicide prevention, asked that her $5,000 charitable contribution from Nexstar be divided between three organizations, including Wellness Action Recovery, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
  • In January 2021, Nexstar announced a comprehensive multi-year partnership with Feeding America®, the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization. Nexstar has committed to donate $2 million in television air-time and financial support to the organization over the next three years. Nexstar employees are also encouraged to volunteer their time and effort to assist Feeding America in fulfilling its mission. In addition, the Nexstar Charitable Foundation will donate $50,000 annually through 2023 to support the organization; the first donation was made in December 2020.

Journalistic Integrity

In the era of “fake news,” our journalists pride themselves on providing their communities with relevant, factual and unbiased information; if our viewers have a reason to doubt our credibility, they will go elsewhere.

  • We maintain high journalistic standards and integrity to provide fair and accurate reporting, including an emphasis on reliable sources, accurately quoting official sources and documents, and seeking both sides of a story. In addition, our ethical principles do not change across our different platforms and media.
  • Our award-winning journalism brings to light authentically local stories with a focus on issues and abuses in the local community. Our job is to be accurate and thorough to permit our viewers to be informed on issues of importance.
  • We annually produce for broadcast company-wide the following special programs Hispanic Heritage, Veterans Voices, Black History Month and Remarkable Women in support of these groups.  Our stations also produce numerous other Town Halls and local specials on significant local matters.
  • In September 2020, Nexstar launched NewsNation on WGN America, a daily 3-hour primetime news program focused on providing our viewers relevant, factual and unbiased information from around the country.
  • During 2020, the Company’s stations produced 117 debates for federal, state and local candidates, including 12 U.S. Senate debates, 39 U.S. House debates, 4 gubernatorial debates, 26 state legislature debates, 12 other state office debates, and 24 debates for local races and issues.

Human Resource Management

Our guiding principle is to foster work environments that provide personal pride through job satisfaction and a balanced life.

  • We strive to treat our employees fairly and ethically; encouraging every individual’s contributions and personal growth. In 2019, Nexstar established a company-wide minimum wage above federal and state requirements and, in 2020, offered its commission-oriented employees salary protections during the ongoing health crisis.
  • Courtney Williams serves as Nexstar’s Chief Diversity Officer and is responsible for leading the Company’s efforts to expand diversity in hiring, promotion, and retention. She also serves as the Chairperson of Nexstar’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.
  • We value diversity and have made a commitment to creating a diverse, innovative and creative workforce to power our stations. In 2020, Nexstar launched its Diversity & Inclusion Council with a focus on increasing gender and racial diversity at all levels of the company. As its first initiative, the Council established six new employee resource groups to bring together employees who share similar cultures, backgrounds, and/or interests, as well as employees who wish to provide support to that group. Future initiatives will focus on personal growth, establishment of accountability metrics and best practices to achieve diversity targets. The Company also offers anti-harassment, diversity and bias training beyond that required by law.
  • Developed by the Nexstar Diversity & Inclusion Council, the Nexstar Mentorship Program is a 12-month professional development opportunity open to all Nexstar employees with at least one year of tenure. The Company launched its pilot program in 2020 with 17 mentee participants, with the first full-year program launching on March 24, 2021. The Nexstar Mentorship Program will assist underrepresented employees in overcoming challenges in the workplace with inclusion and career development skills.Before implementing the 2020 pilot program, the Council studied the impact of various initiatives on diversity and inclusion efforts and determined that mentoring initiatives, in comparison to other programs such as mandatory diversity training, grievance systems, and employee affinity groups, have a proven record of increasing minority representation among managers in the workplace. Our Program has been designed to support Nexstar’s goals of (i) creating a more diverse mid-level and senior management team, (ii) growing the Company’s leaders of tomorrow, and (iii) motivating our employees to remain with the Company.The Nexstar Mentorship Program pairs seasoned leaders across the company (the mentors) with less experienced employees (the mentees) to help them develop specific skill sets and knowledge to enhance the mentee’s personal and professional growth. Mentees are connected with a mentor who will offer insight and advice to help the mentee navigate the next stage of his or her career. Mentors have the satisfaction of shaping future managers, refining their own leadership skills, and expanding their network of employee connections.The Program is administered by Nexstar’s Training & Development Team (which is a subset of the HR leadership team) and includes specific topics for each mentor/mentee pair to work through each month. Mentees are assisted in a variety of areas of professional development, including goal setting, project planning, team building, time management, and understanding failure and success. Mentors are provided with guidance on how to be an effective mentor.

    Upon completion of the Nexstar Mentorship Program, each participant is given a certificate of graduation.

  • We seek to foster our employees’ well-being through safe work environments, open communications, company sponsored employee assistance programs, financial support to employees in times of natural disaster (e.g., hurricanes and tornados), and encouragement to participate in health initiatives.
  • Nexstar employees experienced no lay-offs, furloughs, or pay-cuts during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Consumer Privacy

We respect our audience and customers by utilizing industry best practices to protect consumer privacy and personally identifiable information.

  • We restrict all first party collected data from the sale to third parties.
  • In the company’s linear television operations, there is minimal consumer risk because the audience data is considered industry standardized and accepted research and such advertising remains non-targeted and broadcast across the spectrum of the broadcast signal.
  • The company’s digital operations are focused on the safety and security of the customer and consumer data, and providing its consumers and advertising clients with transparency and control over their data by providing a transparent privacy policy with specific detail on how it collects, shares and uses customer data. For example, the company gives consumers information on their rights concerning their data such as how they can delete their cookies and or opt-out of interest-based advertising, as well as ways to contact the Company with questions or concerns in compliance with privacy laws.

Environmental Improvements

Although Nexstar does not have a large carbon footprint, the company is committed to operating in an ecologically friendly manner.

  • Our efforts to reduce our energy consumption include small acts such as the installation of lighting that registers a person’s presence in the room and ensuring our facilities are committed to recycling.
  • Larger actions have been multi-year in the making.
    • The company has spent the last ten years replacing expensive, power consuming incandescent studio lighting with lower power fluorescent lighting, and now LED lighting fixtures. The company anticipates completing its conversion to 100% LED lighting in the next three years.
    • As part of its actions related to the FCC’s broadcast incentive auction, the company has installed new, energy efficient transmission equipment at over half of its stations. These equipment improvements are anticipated to save in excess of 15 million kilowatt hours per year in energy costs.  Additional stations will convert to more efficient transmission equipment in connection with their transition to the ATSC 3.0 transmission standard.

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