Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

To create, produce, and distribute trusted news, sports, and entertainment programming that informs, entertains, engages, and inspires millions of people every day, while delivering exceptional value to our business partners and outstanding service to our communities.

The Value of Local

During the last 25+ years, Nexstar has grown based on a commitment to deliver exceptional service to the local communities where we operate, to expand through accretive acquisitions, to focus on enhancing the operating results of acquired stations and digital media properties, and through an overarching focus on localism. This focus has been fundamental to our long-term success as we’ve grown to own, operate, or provide services to 200 broadcast stations (including partner stations) in 116 markets across the US. Our localism combined with scale will enable us to compete more effectively across the entire and ever-changing media landscape.

The Value of Our Programming

Congress passed historic legislation in the 1992 Cable Act to promote competition in the video marketplace and recognized that local TV stations should be allowed to negotiate for retransmission consent fees from pay-TV providers for the carriage of stations that have consistently proven to be the most viewed programming across their channel lineup. In 2005, Nexstar took critical action to establish a second revenue stream for the local broadcast television industry in the form of retransmission consent revenues and remains an industry leader in narrowing the disparity between the value broadcasters receive for their content and its high levels of viewership on cable, satellite, fiber and other distribution platforms. The retransmission consent process is fair and market-driven, diversifies the revenue of local TV operators, allowing stations to provide their communities with reliable, vital community news, local programming and services.

The Value of Growth

Through a disciplined approach to acquisitions and an overarching commitment to localism, Nexstar has significantly expanded and diversified its portfolio of leading local television stations while establishing a successful framework to support diversity in local broadcast station ownership, a key mandate of the FCC. At the same time, Nexstar continually elevates the level of service it provides to local communities by making meaningful capital investments to expand local news, lifestyle, sports, weather and other programming and enhancing station infrastructure, production resources and technologies. Traditional TV remains the dominant reach medium and offers superior engagement across all devices and influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions unrivaled by other media, thereby presenting a valuable marketing solution for local and national advertisers and brands.

The Value of Innovation

Understanding the changing needs and habits of audiences, consumers and businesses, Nexstar has selectively acquired innovative digital platforms, systems and services in a series of strategic transactions. Nexstar now offers a comprehensive suite of innovative digital products and services that provide marketers unprecedented reach to local audiences along with the ability for clients to increase their digital revenue, maximize audience targeting and user engagement, and deliver high ROI on their digital media investments. Nexstar’s digital properties provide digital publishing and content management platforms, a digital video advertising platform, native advertising services, digital ad agency services and a host of other digital media solutions to media publishers and advertisers.

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