Environmental Improvements


Although Nexstar does not have a large carbon footprint, the company is committed to operating in an ecologically friendly manner.

  • Our efforts to reduce our energy consumption include small acts such as the installation of lighting that registers a person’s presence in the room and ensuring our facilities are committed to recycling.
  • Larger actions have been multi-year in the making.
    • The company has spent the last ten years replacing expensive, power consuming incandescent studio lighting with lower power fluorescent lighting, and now LED lighting fixtures. The company anticipates completing its conversion to 100% LED lighting in the next three years.
    • As part of its actions related to the FCC’s broadcast incentive auction, the company has installed new, energy efficient transmission equipment at over half of its stations. These equipment improvements are anticipated to save in excess of 15 million kilowatt hours per year in energy costs. Additional stations will convert to more efficient transmission equipment in connection with their transition to the ATSC 3.0 transmission standard

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