Human Resource Management


Our guiding principle is to foster work environments that provide personal pride through job satisfaction and a balanced life.

  • We strive to treat our employees fairly and ethically; encouraging every individual’s contributions and personal growth. In 2019, Nexstar established a company-wide minimum wage above federal and state requirements and increased that minimum wage in 2022. In 2020, as a response to the health crisis, Nexstar offered its commission-oriented employees salary protections and did not reduce staffing or wage/salary levels in the work force.
  • We value diversity and have made a commitment to creating a diverse, innovative and creative workforce to power our stations. In 2020, Nexstar launched its Diversity & Inclusion Council with a focus on increasing gender and racial diversity at all levels of the company. As its first initiative, the Council established six new employee resource groups to bring together employees who share similar cultures, backgrounds, and/or interests, as well as employees who wish to provide support to that group. Future initiatives will focus on personal growth, establishment of accountability metrics and best practices to achieve diversity targets. The Company also offers anti-harassment, diversity and bias training beyond that required by law.
  • Developed by the Nexstar Diversity & Inclusion Council, the Nexstar Mentorship Program is a 12-month professional development opportunity open to all Nexstar employees with at least one year of tenure. The Company launched its pilot program in 2020 with 17 mentee participants, with the first full-year program launching on March 24, 2021. The Nexstar Mentorship Program will assist underrepresented employees in overcoming challenges in the workplace with inclusion and career development skills. Before implementing the 2020 pilot program, the Council studied the impact of various initiatives on diversity and inclusion efforts and determined that mentoring initiatives, in comparison to other programs such as mandatory diversity training, grievance systems, and employee affinity groups, have a proven record of increasing minority representation among managers in the workplace. Our Program has been designed to support Nexstar’s goals of (i) creating a more diverse mid-level and senior management team, (ii) growing the Company’s leaders of tomorrow, and (iii) motivating our employees to remain with the Company.

The Nexstar Mentorship Program pairs seasoned leaders across the company (the mentors) with less experienced employees (the mentees) to help them develop specific skill sets and knowledge to enhance the mentee’s personal and professional growth. Mentees are connected with a mentor who will offer insight and advice to help the mentee navigate the next stage of his or her career. Mentors have the satisfaction of shaping future managers, refining their own leadership skills, and expanding their network of employee connections.

The Program is administered by Nexstar’s Training & Development Team (which is a subset of the HR leadership team) and includes specific topics for each mentor/mentee pair to work through each month. Mentees are assisted in a variety of areas of professional development, including goal setting, project planning, team building, time management, and understanding failure and success. Mentors are provided with guidance on how to be an effective mentor.

Upon completion of the Nexstar Mentorship Program, each participant is given a certificate of graduation.

  • We seek to foster our employees’ well-being through safe work environments, open communications, company sponsored employee assistance programs, financial support to employees in times of natural disaster (e.g., hurricanes and tornados), and encouragement to participate in health initiatives.
  • Nexstar employees experienced no lay-offs, furloughs, or pay-cuts during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

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