Board Leadership Structure


The Board of Directors has the responsibility for selecting the appropriate leadership structure for the Company. In making leadership structure determinations, the Board of Directors considers many factors, including the specific needs of the business and the best interests of the Company’s stockholders. Our current leadership structure is comprised of a combined Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer and Board committees comprised of independent Directors. The Board of Directors believes that Mr. Sook’s service in this combined role is in the best interest of both the Company and its stockholders. Mr. Sook has a vast knowledge of television broadcasting and is seen as a leader in this industry. He understands the issues facing the Company and serving in this dual role he is able to effectively focus the Board of Director’s attention on these matters. In his combined capacity, he can speak clearly with one voice in addressing the Company’s various stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, employees and the investing public.

All of the Company’s directors, except for the Chairman, are independent. The Board of Directors has not found the need to designate one of the independent Directors as a “lead independent director” because each independent Director is fully and effectively involved in the activities and issues relevant to the Board of Directors and its committees. The independent directors do not wish to place one individual between themselves and the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer and other management as they believe this will diminish their active engagement. The independent Directors have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to exercise their fiduciary responsibilities in deliberating issues before the Board of Directors and making independent decisions. Under NASDAQ Listing Standards, our independent Directors are Messrs. Armstrong, Grossman, Pompadur, Miller, Muse, FitzSimons and McMillen and Mses. Aulestia and McNabb.

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