Data Privacy and Security


We respect our audience and customers by utilizing what we consider to be industry best practices to protect consumer privacy and personally identifiable information. We are focused on the safety and security of our own and our customer and consumer data. We do not sell first-party collected data to third parties.

Linear Operations

We believe there is minimal consumer risk, as our broadcast television advertising does not involve direct collection of Personally Identifiable Information.

Digital Operations

We provide our consumers and advertising clients with transparency and control over their data. Our privacy policy includes specific detail on how we collect, share and use customer data. Our privacy policy can be found on our website: The information contained on or accessible through our website does not constitute a part of and is not incorporated by reference into this Proxy Statement.


We recognize the importance of maintaining the confidence and trust of our customers, suppliers, employees, audience, and communities by maintaining our data and information security. Our day-to-day cybersecurity efforts are led operationally by our Chief Technology and Digital Officer and Senior Vice President, Technology who have over 10 and 25 years, respectively, of networking and information technology management or executive experience, and oversee a team of in-house cybersecurity specialists. Our Cybersecurity Committee, comprised of representatives from key management groups including accounting, finance, legal, internal audit, and information technology, also supports our cybersecurity efforts. As part of its role as independent oversight of the key risks facing Nexstar, the Board itself and through its Audit Committee devotes regular and thorough attention to our cybersecurity risk.

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