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Oklahoma City, OK is in the 47th largest DMA in the United States, with a population of approximately 1,649,000 and 737,090 television households, as reported by Nielsen Media.

The DMA spans 34 counties stretched over 32,000 square miles.  Cable/ADS penetration is 72.4% (36.9% wired, 35.4% ADS).  Oklahoma is the third largest producer of natural gas and sixth largest producer of oil in the country.  It also ranks as number two for wind power capacity and has the second lowest property and corporate income taxes per capita.  Oklahoma City has the largest concentration of aviation and aerospace firms in the region and the area’s bioscience presence garners national and international attention. The OKC Metro is also the proud home of Tinker Air Force Base.

Oklahoma’s diverse landscape brings diverse weather.  With four distinct seasons and a location where warm, humid Gulf air systems from the south converge with Rocky Mountain air systems from the west, the Oklahoma City region is a haven for meteorologists who study world-wide weather.

Oklahoma City DMA is home to the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team as well as the two of the fiercest rivals in the Big 12 conference, The University of Oklahoma in Norman and Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.

Source: Nielsen Media

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