Station Profile

Nexstar Broadcasting acquired KMID, an ABC affiliate, in 2000. Since acquisition, Nexstar has grown the station as it relates to community service as well as broadcast cash flow. KMID provides the viewing area with the best weather coverage due to the station investment in a live Doppler radar. KMID’s revenue gains are primarily due to a sales driven management team. The station utilizes a vast array of sales projects as well as strict inventory management to maximize revenue share. In 2007, Nexstar launched its New Media Internet Initiative and KMID over-delivered corporate revenue expectations. KMID is a leader in locally originated programming, televising live political debates, area high school sports, and other events of local interest. The station’s syndicated programming includes Oprah Winfrey, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. KMID delivers analog and digital signals to area viewers.

Market Profile

Midland / Odessa, TX is in the 138th largest DMA in the United States, with a population of approximately 409,975 and 141,600 television households, as reported by Nielsen Media.

Cable/ADS penetration in the market is estimated to be 93% (55% wired, 38% ADS). The Odessa-Midland market has had a significant economic boom as of late and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 2.8% through 2011. The economy of Midland and Odessa is energy based. This not only means oil and gas but also wind power, geo-thermal, nuclear, bio-mass and potentially a zero-emission experimental coal burning facility called Future Gen. With regards to oil, the Midland Odessa area (referred to as Permian Basin) is responsible for the production of more barrels of oil per day than any other region in the US. With the price of oil at record levels, the mining of this resource will continue to support this area’s economy for years to come. Since the price of oil is now driven by demand due to emerging economies like China and India and not by limited production (OPEC), prices are predicted to remain steady for at least the next 10 years. Midland and Odessa have consistently recorded the state’s lowest employment.

Source: TVB, BIA Financial Network Market Report 3rd Edition, 2007

Station Contact Information

1550 I-20 Odessa, TX 79763 P: 432) 563-2222 F: (432) 563-5819

Station Contacts

Mark Garcia, VP & General Manager

Heather Trevino, Sales Manager

Tyler Thomason, News Director

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