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Market Profile

Portland, OR is in the 23rd largest DMA in the United States, with a population of approximately 2,818,460 and 1,3315,030 television households, as reported by Nielsen Media.

KOIN 6 is proud to call Portland, Oregon home. According to United Van Lines, Oregon has been the top relocation destination for the past three years. The tech boom, a lower cost of living, and easy access to beautiful coastlines and majestic mountains and forests are just a few of the reasons why people are drawn to the Pacific Northwest. It is also home to the 2015 MLS Champions – The Portland Timbers and a top notch NBA team – The Portland Trail Blazers. It’s a fun place to visit and if you’re lucky enough, it’s a great place live.

Portland’s dominant cable provider is Comcast. Cable penetration in the market has been decreasing for the past several years. Today, the penetration is 52.4% and other ADS are at 34.1%.

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