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Nexstar Broadcasting Group purchased WNTZ-TV FOX 48 from Communications Corporation of America on [January 1, 2015]. WNTZ-TV FOX 48 is the Central Louisiana and the Miss-Lou areas’ “Entertainment Station!”. Featuring programming that appeals to a broad group of viewers, FOX 48 is truly a “broadcast” entity. WNTZ-TV has always been a leader in new technology in the Central Louisiana and Miss-Lou area. Topping the list of many “firsts” are the accomplishments of being the first to broadcast programming in high-definition in this market – both network and syndicated – and being able to produce and air high definition commercial announcements on behalf of our advertisers.

FOX 48’s syndicated programming includes Family Feud with Steve Harvey, Judge Judy (America’s number one court show), and The Big Bang Theory. FOX 48 is also a secondary My Network TV station featuring My Network TV prime time as late night programming to include hits such as The Walking Dead and The Mentalist. WNTZ-TV FOX 48 is also the primary place to find the New Orleans Saints!

FOX 48 is So Entertaining!

Market Profile

Alexandria, LA is in the 182nd largest DMA in the United States, with a population of approximately 212,950 and 87,870 television households, as reported by Nielsen Media.

Cable/ADS penetration in the market is estimated to be 48.0% wired, 46.0% ADS. Alexandria, LA was listed as the 5th happiest metro areas according to Huffington Post in July 2014.

Source: Nielsen Media; Huffington Post, July 2014

Station Contact Information

201 Johnston St Suite 305 Alexandria, LA 71301 P: (318) 443-4700


Station Contacts

Aleece Way, Director of Sales

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